4-benefits-of-physical-goldMillions of people around the world are becoming more uneasy about the decline of the dollar and the economic future of their respective countries. Because of this instability they have chosen to buy gold with the desire of stabilizing their futures. When it comes to gold direct ownership has huge benefits.
Direct ownership simply means investing in jewelry, coins or bars which is referred to as physical gold. In contrast, there exists gold exchange-traded funds (ETF) which are a type of mutual fund. These are traded on the stock exchange just like any other stock. The portfolios of gold mutual funds often hold gold related stocks companies that specialize in jewelry and mining.

Compared to holdings like real estate, bonds or savings accounts, purchasing gold is a safer option.

With so many options available regarding the purchase of gold, this raises an important question, “Which is the safest and most profitable choice?”

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Here are 4 benefits of owning physical gold:

1. Historically gold has been the world’s most prized precious metal. Since early man first mined gold, the desire for gold has not waned. In fact, the desire has increased.

2. Gold is inflation proof. This means that when you buy gold using today’s dollars, you can resell it at tomorrow’s currency. Buy an automobile and the minute you drive if off the lot you will lose approximately 15% of the value with no way of recouping the loss. Gold is a physical asset that doesn’t have this problem.

3. Gold never loses its intrinsic value. History has demonstrated that gold will always be in demand. Even in the midst of some major worldwide crisis you would be able to sell your gold. The intense attraction to goal is what makes it a true international currency.

4. Gold is one of the most secure assets. Anything that you can take possession of heightens the security level. I you were heavily invested in stocks and the market crashed, you would lose all your assets. However with gold, you can take it with you and protect it during an emergency. It would be difficult to find another investment with this characteristic.
Holding ETFs of gold mining equities does not provide the benefits of holding physical gold. Should there be a social or political catastrophe physical gold provides insurance that will not be directly affected by the crisis. As to future inflation and dollar devaluation gold is the best hedge.

In conclusion, when you possess physical gold you can decide when to buy and sell. More importantly, you are in complete control of your wealth which is a powerful feeling.

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