All silver coins and bars that are being placed in a silver IRA must meet IRS fineness standards. Furthermore, the silver must be held by an IRA trustee instead of the IRA owner and stored in an IRS-approved depository. All other rules & regulations concerning IRA contributions, disbursements and taxes apply.
1kl Silver Australian Koala

australian_silver_koala_front-1-300x300Silver Australian Koala coins have the Queen Elizabeth II portrait by Ian Rank Broadley who is a well-known sculptor. Since 1998 his image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II appears on all UK and Commonwealth coins. Encircling her portrait is her name, the country’s name, and the denomination. The Koala, found in coastal regions of eastern and southern Australia, is depicted on the reverse side of the silver coin. The silver coin has been changed almost annually as they have been popular with not only silver investors but coin collectors as well.

The first Australian bullion coin was produced by the Perth Mint in 1988. Today, the silver one kilo coins are traded as a commodity and have been known to consistently be higher than silver rates due to its rarity. The 1 kl. Silver Australian Koala have .999% purity and are produced as a globally recognized investment in the precious metal market.

Silver bullion coins have seen a tremendous increase in price as it has a major industrial demand. Silver is not only a necessity for some items to be manufactured like cell phones and batteries, but is also recognized by both countries and individuals as a means to physically diversify their financial holdings. Since it is a precious metal the mint has created the coins in one kilo equivalent that are commonly purchased by individuals who buy gold coins or silver bullion coins. Most silver coin collectors do not wish to sell or trade their coins once they take possession which also increases the value of the 1 kl. Silver Australian Koala.
Silver American Eagle

silver_american_eagle_front-300x300The Silver American Eagle was first introduced in 1986 by the United States government. These silver coins have fast become one of the most popular ways to invest in silver bullion. The U.S. Mint guarantees the weight and purity of the Silver American Eagle coins. Silver American Eagles are one-ounce coins made from 99.9% pure silver. Silver bullion is the most common form of investing in silver as it trades relative to the spot price of silver.

The image of Walking Liberty located on the front of the Silver American Eagle, first debuted in 1916 on the half-dollar coin designed by Adolph Weinman. Renowned for their beauty, Walking Liberty Half-Dollars are widely considered one of the United States most attractive silver coins. The reverse, designed by John Mercanti, depicts a heraldic eagle with shield carrying an olive branch and arrows in its talons. An inverse pyramid of thirteen stars representing the thirteen original colonies floats above its head. The words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 1 oz. FINE SILVER ~ ONE DOLLAR encircle the silver rounds.
Silver Canadian Maple Leaf

silver_canadian_maple_leaf_front-300x300Silver Canadian Maple Leaf coins are considered an important part of one’s investment portfolio. Because of their 99,99% purity they are considered throughout the investment world as the best silver bullion coins to buy. The Ottawa branch of the Mint has been in operation since 1908.

The Silver Canadian Maple Leaf carries the same obverse and reverse designs as the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf. The obverse features a bust of Queen Elizabeth II, whose design changed in 1990 to feature a mature portrait of the Queen. In both versions, her name (ELIZABETH II) appears at the top and the coin’s denomination and issue date resides beneath the bust.

The national symbol of Canada, a Maple Leaf, is on the reverse side and from which the coin derives its name. The reverse also lists the country’s name, purity of the silver and the amount. Due to the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf’s popularity, the Royal Canadian Mint began producing pure silver in coin form. It came under Canadian ownership in 1931 and in 1969 it became a corporation of the Crown. The purity, weight, and legal tender value of each Canadian Maple Leaf bullion coin is guaranteed by the Canadian government.
Silver Austrian Philharmonic

austrian_silver_philarmonic_front-300x300 The Silver Austrian Philharmonic coin was first minted in 2008 by the 800-year old Austrian Mint. The silver coins are pure .999 fine silver bullion coins. Each coin contains 1 troy oz of pure silver and has a diameter of 1.457 in. The weight and purity of the Silver Austrian Philharmonic is guaranteed by the Austrian Mint which also backs its monetary face value.

Nearly identical in design to the widely popular Vienna Philharmonic gold bullion coin series, each Silver Vienna Philharmonic coin features imagery of the cultural pride of Austria, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

The obverse side of the coin is stamped with the orchestra’s name in German, and features a variety of instruments, including a string bass, violins, cellos, a harp, a bassoon and Viennese horn. This imagery is meant to represent Austria’s rich musical and cultural heritage. The reverse side of the coin features the image of the Great Organ found in Vienna’s Golden Hall the concert hall where the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra performs. Also stamped on the reverse side of the coin is the country of issue, the silver weight in ounces, and the 1.5 Euro legal tender value.
Silver Britannia Coin

silver_britannia_back-300x300Demonstrating the spirit of the British Isles, the Britannia has stood for Britain for around 2,000 years. She first appeared on coins dating back to the Roman Emperor Hadrian. In 1672 Charles II revived her presence on Coins In 1987 we honored Britannia with a new premium coin, sister to the Sovereign.

In 1997 the Silver Britannia was released. 2013 saw Britannia enter a new era; Proof Coins will now champion the best British Artists with a new design each year. Not only will these Coins the best of British they are now struck in the finest .999 of fine silver. The silver bullion coins will still feature the iconic Britannia standing design.

The Britannia silver bullion coin of .999 fine silver is a must have for anyone. The Silver Bullion Britannia is manufactured by one of the world’s oldest organizations. The Royal Mint has been established for over 1,000 years. Making coins for Britain and over 100 other countries you can be assured of unrivalled heritage, authenticity and accuracy.
100 ounce silver bars are minted in the United States and all over the world. 100 ounce silver bars offer an ideal investment advantage due to the low premium over spot silver. 100 ounce silver bars are typically favored by investors that are looking to buy large amounts of silver. They are recognized worldwide and therefore are very liquid. Each bar weighs in at 100 troy ounces of .9999 pure silver.

Silver investors gravitate toward the portability and easy to handle size of the .9999-fine 100 ounce silver bars. Each has an industrial finish embossed with a hallmark, purity, and an engraved serial number.
100oz Silver Bar
10oz Silver Bar
1 kl Silver Australian Kookaburra
1 kl Silver Australian Koala
Silver American Eagle
Silver Canadian Maple Leaf


How to Invest in Silver

Many people simply don’t know how to buy silver or why investing in silver can enhance their investment portfolios. By understanding how to invest in silver, you’ll be in a position to decide whether buying silver is the right move for you.
Buying Physical Silver

The clearest and easiest way to invest in silver is to buy physical metal, silver bullion, which is available in coin and bar form. Precious metal dealers offer silver bullion in various sizes and forms. The weight ranges from a single ounce to large bullion bars as large as 1,000 ounces.

Owning physical silver as the advantage of being able to track the market price of silver directly. However, there are some disadvantages. Depending upon the dealer, you may pay a slight premium to buy silver and you’ll often times have to accept a slight discount why you sell it back to your dealer. If you plan to hold on to your silver long-term then your costs are minimal. If you’re the type that likes to trade frequently in precious metals the added cost might be prohibitive.
Buying Silver ETFs

For traders, silver ETFs offer an effective alternative to physical silver. Typically each share of a silver ETF corresponds to a notional amount of silver, therefore the ETF shares are fairly close to silver prices. Remember that like any mutual fund or similar investment medium, silver ETFs have expenses that are passed on to the investor. However, they tend to be very modest.
Many investors do not like silver ETFs because you do not have actual possession of the silver. Furthermore, ETF shares can trade at a premium or discount to the actual value of silver, and depending on when you trade the shares can lead to some discrepancies. However, if you’re looking an easy format for trading in silver, ETF shares allow you to participate in the general movements of the silver market.
Silver Mining Stocks

Another way to invest in silver is buy purchasing stocks in silver mining companies, which can prove a bit risky. Typically, silver mining stocks rise and fall according to silver prices. But mining companies are at additional risk with the reality of having to deal with normal mining operations and the pitfalls associated with it. For example, an accident can drastically affect the value of the stock’s price. Another risk is the actual financial situation of the mining company which can also affect stock price. This type of risk is hard to hedge against.
Silver Streaming Companies

Investors can choose to buy stock shares of silver streaming companies, which offer financing to mining companies. They receive a royalty or what is referred to as a streaming interest in the production of mining companies. Streaming company stocks typically rise and fall with silver prices, but they have an additional risk which is affected by the quality of financing deals they arrange. This investment is not advised for the average investor.
Invest in a Precious Metal IRA

The final consideration is to invest in a precious metal IRA. However, the key is to find the right company to setup your IRA. The main consideration for setting up an IRA is long-term growth and diversification. Gold and silver tend to go up when stocks are down and tend to go down when stocks are up. Including precious metals in your investment portfolio offers balance to your portfolio.
Furthermore, there are tax consequences for rolling over an IRA into precious metals. Again, a good company can take care of that for you. So if you’re looking for long-term growth and stability to you investment portfolio, a precious metal IRA is the way to go.
What’s the Right Silver Investment for You?
As with any investment, the best silver investment depends upon your needs. If you enjoy speculative investments then mining and streaming companies are for you. If you wish to simply have good exposure to silver as a commodity then physical bullion and ETFs work well. If you need to balance your investment portfolio and you are seeking long-term gains and the preservation of wealth then consider a precious metal IRA.